Introduction and types of commercial aircraft

A commercial aircraft is an aircraft used as a means of transportation in administrative affairs and business activities.
Depending on the nature of business activities, the number of passengers ranges from 4 to more than 30 people. Due to the point-to-point, time-saving,
Instantaneous, customer-specific needs, privacy, security and other convenient features, the use of commercial aircraft has long been
It has become the darling of many companies and enterprises, and the use of business jets can increase the productivity of enterprises.
In terms of new machine orders, due to the launch and delivery of several new models, the pre-stored orders
also showed an increasing trend. The new business jet aircraft and derivatives that will leave the factory in the next few years
Vitality includes Bombardier’s Learjet 40XR, Cessna’s Mustang, CJ1+ and
CJ2+, Dassault Falcon 7X, Eclipse 500, Gulfstream’s G150, G350 and G450,
Sino-Swearingen SJ30-2 etc. Including Boeing and Airbus two production of large civil aircraft
Manufacturers of all countries have also modified their narrow-body airliners to grab the business jet market, such as using the B737
A converted BBJ and an A319 converted ACJ.
Among all kinds of general aviation aircraft, business jets receive relatively more attention due to their high value.
higher. As the main consumer of business jets, the development trend of the European and American markets has always been regarded as the
The wind vane of the global business aviation industry. Affected by the financial crisis, the economies of European and American countries have been significantly affected
Significant impact, the profitability of various enterprises also dropped sharply, as a representative of luxury products business
Aircraft, sales decline is inevitable.
Judging from the number of take-offs and landings of business jets, the frequency of use of business jets in Europe and the United States continues to decrease.
The number of declines of light (Light) jet business jets topped the list. This aircraft is mostly used for private recreational flights
Activities, in times of economic downturn, are often the first to be hit. From the perspective of the second-hand market,
Recently, the stock of second-hand business jets has increased significantly, among which light jet business jets have the largest increase
high. All the above signs indicate that the recent business aviation market has entered the slow lane.

Classification of business jets

According to different sources of power, business jets can be divided into jet business jets (Business jets)
Jets), Turboprops, and Pistons
kind. In terms of jet business aircraft, it can also be divided into very light (Very light) according to the size and weight of the model.
Light Jet, VLJ), Light, Light Medium, Medium, Ultra
Medium (Super Mid-Size), Large (Large), Long-Range (Long-Range), and civil aviation models
(Airliner Types) and other 8 types.

Jet business jet

Entry Level : Cessna Mustang、Diamond D-JET、Eclipse 500、Embraer Phenom 100、Honda Aircraft、 Honda Jet

Light : Learjet 40XR、Cessna Encore +、Cessna CJ1+、Cessna CJ2+、 CJ3、Cessna CJ4、Phenom300、Grob SPn、Hawker 400XP、Premier IA/II、Sino Swearingen SJ30-2

Light Medium : Learjet 45 XR、Cessna XLS/XLS+、Legacy450、Hawker 750

Medium : Learjet 60XR、Learjet 85、Citation X、Sovereign、Legacy 500、Hawker 850XP、Hawker 900XP

Super Mid-Size : Challenger 300、Cessna CitationColumbus、Falcon SMS、Legacy 600、G200、Hawker 4000

Large : Challenger605、Falcon7X、Falcon900DX、Falcon900EX、Falcon900LX、G450、G500

Long-Range : Global 5000、Global Express XRS、Falcon7X、Falcon 900DX、Falcon 900EX、Falcon900LX、G450、G500、G550

Turboprop business airplane : Air Tractor AT series, Pitts S-2B/C, Bombardier CL-415,Cessna Aircraft 208 Caravan, EADS Socata TBM 850, EADS PZL-Okecien ZL-106BT, Hawker Beechcraft King Air Series, Mooney Aircraft M20R Series, Piaggio Aero P180, Pilatus Aircraft PC-6/ PC-12, Piper Aircraft Malibu, PZL Mielec M-18 Dromader Series, Quest Aircraft Kodiak, Reims Aviation F406, Thrust Aircraft Turbo-Thrust, S-2, Thrush 660、Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter

Piston Power Business Aircraft : American Champion 7EC/ECA, 7GCAA/GCBC, 8GCBC/KCAB, AVIAT Aircraft A-1 Husky, Pitts S-2B/C, Cirrus SR20/22, Diamond Aircraft DA20, Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 Airvan, Liberty Aerospace XL-2, Maule Air M-7/ MX-7/ MXT-7 series, Mooney M20M/20R/20S, Piper Arrow, Saratoga, VulcanAir SpA P.68 Series

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