2023 Taipei International Aerospace and Defense Industry Exhibitionexhibition (TATDE)

After four years, the “Taipei International Aerospace Exhibition 2023” is confirmed to be held from September 14 to 16 this year. Many internationally renowned defense industry manufacturers have signed up to participate in the exhibition. The Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association, which is the organizer, stated that the “Taipei International Aerospace and Defense Industry Exhibition 2023” will return in combination with the latest industrial trends and technologies, and will focus on the government’s “six core strategic industries” to showcase military-civilian integration. national defense and strategic industries.

The aerospace and defense exhibition has attracted international attention, and many international manufacturers have signed up to participate. In the domestic sector, the Foreign Trade Association pointed out that the “National Defense Pavilion” fully supported and organized by the Ministry of National Defense is the largest exhibition area. machine results. Domestic defense industry giants such as Guangyun Technology, Weibo Technology, Taiwan Hottech, Yongliang, and Yiquan Technology have also joined in. Through the presentation of the National Defense Pavilion and the defense industry equipment exhibition area, Taiwan’s military and civilian strength in independent development of national defense is demonstrated.

Among them, Jingwei Aerospace, an important manufacturer of drones in my country, will also participate in the exhibition. Luo Zhengfang, chairman of Jingwei Aerospace, said that at the Taipei Aerospace Exhibition in September, all walks of life can witness how the products of domestic manufacturers will replace the products of Chinese manufacturer “DJI” in the future , In addition, the research and development results of the government’s “”Military Commercial Regulation” UAV” bid, and the “Ruiyuan II” UAV will also be fully unveiled in September.

TAITRA said that the International Aerospace Exhibition will also have a “US Pavilion”, and the list of manufacturers will be consolidated by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), leading American manufacturers to enter the Taiwan market and communicate with Taiwanese manufacturers. At present, 15 foreign manufacturers have self-registered, including BAE SYSTEMS, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin, which has participated in many exhibitions. Martin), and the U.S. defense system contractor “L3Harris” have also confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

According to the organizer, the Taipei Aerospace Exhibition will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from September 14th to 16th. The exhibition plan includes exhibition areas such as aerospace industry equipment and technology, space technology industry and unmanned vehicles. The most sophisticated and high-quality national defense armament and aerospace technology products. In addition, TAIPEI connects industry, government, and academic resources, cooperates with important domestic academic institutions and industry players, and stimulates the energy of national defense and space economy through the exhibition of the National Defense Pavilion and the Space Industry Theme Pavilion.

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