How To Design And Develop Jigs And Fixtures Manufacturing

How To Design And Develop Jigs And Fixtures Manufacturing

There are identifiable differences between jig and Fixture. Moreover, it is customary to see them together. However, their interchangeability is impossible despite their shared purposes. At Creatingway, we examine how manufacturing capability is enhanced. So, with the aid of jigs and fixtures, the following are accomplished:
1.Enhances manufacturing quality
2.Cuts production costs
3.Enables automation of work

What is a Jig For Your CNC Machine?

A jig is an item used to hold and place a workpiece accordingly. We use such a tool in the production process in guiding cutting tools. Holding the workpiece in position increases reproducibility, precision, and productivity. A common type of jig is the drill jig. Such a drill makes precise holes in the desired location.

What is a Fixture For CNC Projects?

The use of fixtures in manufacturing tools enables automation in the production process. However, in automated industrial processes, fixtures aren’t essential. The purposes of fixtures are to guide and hold automobiles in assembly and welding processes.

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